Thursday, 15 March 2012

Officially an adult

So I turned 20 yesterday. Sheeeeesh that's old! And I got totally, unnecessarily, but awesomely spoilt. Received mail/packages from the bestie, a cousin, the twinnies, the grands && something everyday for 6 days (!!) from the mothership. Also got an amazing, super-customized-just-for-me present from the other bestie. Unfortunatly I had a 9-5 day of uni and work but when I got home, the flatties had a beautiful cake and candles waiting, and there was another package in the cupboard.
This is what I discovered upon opening the package....

12 beautiful cupcakes of various flavours.
And they taste amazing. 
Mum, you really outdid yourself, I can't wait for my 21st!!


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