Monday, 12 March 2012

Vintage Celeb #1

Do you remember Jonathan Taylor Thomas? Played the middle son Randy in Home Improvement, pretty much my favourite show back in the day, and the first TV crush I can remember having. He was such a promising star too, especially as he voiced the young Simba in The Lion King, one of the greatest movies of all time. So what happened?
Since then, he's appeared in Smallville, Veronica Mars and 8 Simple Rules but hasn't done any acting since 2006.
I hope you are alg JTT, and we wouldn't mind if you showed your face again :)

                                 Then                                                                          Now (ish)

p.s. the flatties took me out to dinner tonight as an early birthday thing. how kind.
hope you've had a fab Monday :)


  1. hey its jono! I stumbled across you're blog and yes i am "alg" i will also be showing my face shortly, i was reunited with my home improvement cast in september last year so watch this space! More things to come! Very cool to know i am being blogged about cheers, keep it real

  2. Hmmmm....How many Americans do you know who sign off with "cheers"? That's a very Kiwi/Ozzie thing isn't it?

  3. haha yup, plus he uses "you're" wrong, and JTT went to Harvard..

  4. Yeah true! Punctuation & grammar are all over the place for an academical type lol.(And yes I know "academical" isn't a word)Maybe some sort of promo/fan-club type outfit that tracks references to him on the net...?


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