Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Ultimate Cocktail

Had a pretty sweet day today, class involved watching the original Stepford Wives from 1975 which is a very good movie, though undeniably creepy. We were viewing it as a feminist text, which it definitely is. It was funny though because if any of the characters walked down the street today in the attire they're wearing in the film, they would totally fit in. They were wearing things like frayed denim short shorts and crop tops (pretty much what all the girls who think they're cool wear these days).

On another note...a while ago my friends and I went out for cocktails and ever since then I've really wanted to experiment with making them for myself. I've got this mean retro cocktail recipe book which has recipes that sound SO delish. I want to make drinks like this:


                                            Mojito                                          Long Island Iced Tea
                             Sidecar                                                             Tom Collins

                    The All Nelson                                                Frozen Melon Margharita 

YUM sooooo keen to create some of these bright, colourful, nommy drinks! They be lookin so fly yo!
I think that one day I would like to have a collection like the one they have at work:

With a collection like this, the options would be endless.
Btw, I am not an alchy haha. I don't even drink much at all.

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