Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Something different

Some things I did that were different from the norm today...

  • Had my hair french braided like ten times (am being a hair model for a friend studying Hairdressing)
  • Lunch date with the aforementioned friend. Delish. Oh how I've missed you sushi. 
  • Eyelash tint date with the aforementioned friend. 
  • Had insanely stinging eyes from the dye from the eyelash tint date with the aforementioned friend.
  • Different exercises at today's pump class.
  • Chatted to a guy who shared my name.
  • Skyped a mate living in Christchurch.
  • Bought flights online! Wooooooooooop!
  • Got a parking ticket :( 
It's nice to do different things every now and then. Shake things up a lil. Oh and I've been getting into tumblr again a bit lately, check it out at putflowersinthemud.tumblr.com
On a side note, as I bought flights today I was thinking of how it's gonna be so amazing when I book my flights to Europe in a couple of years. I cannot wait to go overseas. I can't wait to...
Churr!! xx

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