Sunday, 18 March 2012


So last night was pretty cool. Had about 60 people over for the flat warming, and it was mean. So. Much. Fun. Some highlights were: dancing the macarena with new friends, catching up with old hostel buddies, the strobe light, painting the nails of two new friends (both male, I must add), Cotton-Eye Joe, jelly babies with a twist && Jelly Shots. The night was not without its hiccups though, one guy ended up fracturing his ankle after attempting some wrestling moves, and the flat took a while to clean today! But overall, it was great. Before we got ready, Jac and I were trying to re-create this one epic photo we took back in first year. I think we've got one that's pretty much as good....

     The original - taken mid 2010 on thaaaaat night (eh Jac hehe) during re-o week

The replica - taken last night. Of course there are some inconsistencies but overall pretty close!
Hope your St Pats celebrations went well :)


  1. FRIKKIN BABES OMGSH!!! You girls get more beautiful every year!!! :D Love the nail polish daleo! And amazing eyes ! x x x

  2. ^^aww! Haha yes, thaaaat night indeed!! Almost got it, pretty close though! Love it! :) xx

  3. Thanks JayKay! Tried to do my eyes good like you taught me! I love these pics <3 xo


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