Monday, 25 July 2011

Old school love

Wow. Today was intensely cold. Down south there has been blankets of snow falling and though we didn't get any where I live, we certainly felt the chill in the air. I did notice we had hail at one point but missed out on the snow. Apparently the Napier-Taupo road was covered in snow. How cool! It's funny how snow in NZ is such a novelty. It's like some magical, once in a blue moon thing. The cold weather is not so fun, however, when one is at uni, as it makes walking to and from class rather unappealing. Hence why one stays in the library for most of the day. I found some cool pics today of some legends that we should all have heard of. They are so vintage. I love.

Andy Warhol + Alfred Hitchcock (love his cheeky smile)

The beautiful Audrey Hepburn

'Ol blue eyes

via thelittlefreakazoidthatcould
Paul Newman - wow

Gregory Peck

The old black and white pics are just beautiful don't you think? <3


  1. 2 things. Audrey Hepburn's waist!!!!!
    And Paul Newman's eyes - remind you of anyone?

  2. Yes, her waist is tiny! Like wow.
    Paul's eyes...they're very striking, but not sure who you're referring to?

  3. Do the initials JLS ring any bells? (Colourful)


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