Monday, 25 July 2011

Well waddya know..!

Uni again today. Learnt about the manufactured elements of 'realism' in television crime dramas and the German Blitzkrieg. Not much else to say today other than that it was again cold, though sunny and bright at particular moments in the arvo. And I'm super excited for my favourite flattie to return to us tomorrow! She's coming back from a family holiday on the Gold Coast so will find the cold quite a change I believe.
A while ago I stumbled upon a website which posts one random fact every day in a cute, bright coloured picture. Today I will share some that I found particularly fascinating :)

Ants can survive falling from a skyscraper
Jackie Chan was in the womb for 12 months
By the time the average American child leaves school, they have seen 40,000 murders on T.V
4 dogs and a pig were saved from the titanic
Disney world is larger than 17 countries
Mount Everest has 3G coverage
Kissing is healthier than shaking hands
Every time an orange appears in 'The Godfather', someone dies

This site is clearly committed to the 'learn something everyday' idea :)

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