Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Part II

Day Two
After staying up late talking and a pretty mean sleep, we got up mid morning on day two, had brekkie and headed into town. We spent the morning hitting a few op-shops around hamz (when I, very unlike my self, didn't buy a thing). Once we were sick of that, we headed to Westfield Chartwell. First shop I went into (Cotton On) took over a hundred dollars from me. eek. First day of full shopping was lots of fun. Arrived home with many bags each and utterly exhausted. Shopping is actually sooooo tiring. Homemade pizzas for dinner and a oldish movie (Fear - a young Reese Witherspoon and Mark Wahlberg) which was actually really good. Totally knackering day. But algoooooooood!

Creepy eye at Remains to be scene opshop

Jess's beautiful strawberry muffin

Purchases - gloves and bowler hat (and nailpolish in background)


Omnomnom homemade pizzas

Art at a gallery we went in to (to get some "culture" lol)

Check out the bestie's blog for her take on our trip away!! :)

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