Monday, 18 July 2011

Part IV

On Thursday of that amazing week we had planned to hit the Hamilton Gardens and the Zoo but, unfortunately, the weather did not co-operate. It was pouring down and pretty dang freezing so we decided to hit the last shopping centre we had planned to go to on Friday. Sooooo we headed along to the Base (massive shopping centre just out of Hamilton city with Dressmart, a mall and heapsa other shops). Spent all day there pretty much. Twas fun. Yet again spent too much though. grr.

That night we went to visit our very good friend Emma at her flat, went to a flat party with her then hit town. Town is pretty miiint in Hamilton. My fav place was a club called Agenda which played dub music, esp Skrillex. That sorta place would make a killing in Palmy! Oooooooh and on our way home (I was designated sober driver), I got my first breath test by a cop!! Woohoo. Seeing as I just got my licence like a week before, it was pretty exciting. lol. Some very crack-up moments that night. So yea, got home early Friday morning and slept in. But what we ended up doing on Friday is another post...............!!! Peace.

Shoe shopping

Yay bracelets :)

A very snap happy person

Jess taking a photo log of her purchases

After town..

P.S. Sorry haven't blogged for some time. Jess visited last weekend which was busy but again super. Aaaand now uni has started again! My how time flies.

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