Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Part III

Day Three
Aucks! The mothership drove us up to Auckland and dropped us off at Sylvia Park for another day of shopping. That mall is friggin huge. So yea, that's what we did. Shopped. Shopped. Shopped. It was great, though the bank balance certainly suffered. A highlight was lunch at the Theobroma Chocolate Lounge where we shared a panini (absolutely diiiiiiiiivine) and each got a hot drink which came in a cup above a candle to keep it hot! Was pricey but something you don't do often so is justified ;) My mocha was one of the best I've ever had. && when you near the end of the drink, there is actual melted chocolate at the bottom. So you're eating melted chocolate. It's amazing.

One of my favourite purchases of the day was Spaces by Frankie Magazine which showcases spaces where 'creative people live, work and play'. I'm slowly making my way through reading it now, savouring the whimsical, inspirational locations.

Ooooh and we went to dinner at Furnace back in Hamilton, which we only just got a table in. That was also super yummy. Jess had a chicken pasta dish and I had vegetarian cannelloni. We shared chocolate mousse and banoffee pie for dessert. A very busy and indulgent day :)
Enough talk, images are in order...

In the car on the way to Auckland

Sylvia Park

Our amazing drinks at Theobroma

On the train from Sylvia Park to Manurewa

Great purchase

Chicken Pasta at Furnace

Pumpkin cannelloni at Furnace

Chocolate Mousse at Furnace

Banoffee Pie at Furnace

Awesome day. Awesome memories.

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