Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Part V

We have finally reached Friday. Slept in this morning (on account of the previous night's escapades) and took our sweet time getting ready and deciding what to do with ourselves. It was windy and chilly again but we ended up going to the Hamilton Gardens which was well worth it. They are amazing. Simply breathtaking. Even though I'm not really into gardening, I still enjoy visiting the place (have been twice before with the parentals). We planned to see as much of the gardens before going to a session of Water for Elephants. So we rushed through the themed gardens (Chinese Scholars, Japanese Contemplation, English Rose, Italian Renaissance, Indian Char Bagh, American Modernist) and what they call the productive collection (herb and vege etc). So we only ended up seeing half of the gardens before rushing off to the movies. This rushing off was, much to our disappointment, a complete waste of exertion as the session was cancelled (cinema maintenance....yadaya). Buuuut at least we didn't entirely miss the gardens :) Since it's winter, things aren't in bloom but it's still beautiful. I can only imagine how magnificent it will be in spring. If you haven't been, I definitely recommend a visit. Jess and I came to an agreement that the Italian garden is the best :)

Other than that, we made lasagna for dinner, followed by fruit pastry cream puffs for dessert and settled in to watch The Romantics, which we didn't enjoy much (my main motivation for choosing this movie was Josh Duhamel, oh so dreamy). A relatively early night followed.

About to start some serious contemplation in Japan

Amidst the Bamboo in China

Whilst in Asia we decided to head over to India...

Then headed over to Europe to visit Italy

Romulus and Remus in Italy

Jess in the Italian amphitheatre

Herbs - divided into culinary, medicinal, cosmetic and cooking 

Some bricks 

La La La Lasagna :) courtesy of Jess and Dale

This was another great day. It was nice to take a break from shopping and get outdoors.


  1. *Actually I believe we watched NZTM on friday night and watched The Romantics on the thursday (: x

  2. ohhhhhhhhhhh true. I stand corrected :)

  3. The lasagne tasted every bit as good as it looks!


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