Friday, 20 May 2011


My friend and I today succumbed to the trend...we tried to resist but failed...we bought a onesie each. They are incredibly ugly and unflattering but omigoodnessme SO warm. We got matching ones (haha!) which are bright pink with sheep on them. We actually cracked up for ages when we got home and tried them on! But you know, what does it matter if you're only sleeping in them! And seriously, when you're a student and it's warmer outside than inside your flat....all you care about is keeping warm! (standards lower considerably in many aspects when you're a student!). So, as a tribute to the onesie, I've found some pictures of them to share today :)

My favourite is the navy and white striped one. Mine is not as cool as these but see, onesie's CAN be cool!
love xx

1 comment:

  1. ONESIES are totes cool!! Want a pair! Haha


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