Sunday, 22 May 2011

Repetition..but not in a bad way

Had another whirlwind weekend. Saturday: gym, helping a friend's aunt move into her new home, lunch, onesie shopping, uni work, dinner, movie and dessert (apple and rhubarb crumble - YUM). Sunday: filming TV commercial for media paper (soooo much fun!), lunch, uni work, flat hunting (thinking of moving...), visit from friends, poker, looooooooong chat (seriously, some people just don't know when to leave!), drive friend home, very late dinner, bed.
And now it's Monday which means another week of uni (sigh). Can safely say I hate Monday's. 
But anyho, I was browsing a fav blog, Daydream Lily and came across some beautiful food shots, so thought I'd share them. 

For most of my life I had the dream of becoming a chef after high school, as I love baking, cooking, food...haha. It wasn't until year 13 that I saw what it was like in a commercial kitchen, which kinda put me off. I also had to think about what my strengths were at school and realized they were with words, as I was always better at subjects like English, History, Classics, that sort of thing. So decided to study Journalism instead. It is still a dream of mine to do a chef course and I was thinking the other day that if I did, I could become a food critic or work at a food magazine or something - which would be absolutely perfect for me :)
enjoy the snaps xx

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