Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Treasures at the Grandparents house

It has been a busy day for me today. Gym, uni work, class, buying a new shower curtain (exciting! haha), getting a new eftpos card, uni work.....etc.
My best friend rang me last night to let me know that she is heading down for a visit this weekend! Sooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!! She only lives two hours drive away, but because we are both studying towards degrees, we are too busy to see each other during the semester. I'm uber pumped that she's coming to visit. It makes me even more excited for the weekend to roll around!! :)
Anyways.......during the summer holidays, I was living with my grandparents and found some gorgeous vintage treasures that they still have at their house. I photographed some of my favourite discoveries, so here they are:

Wtf?! Vegemite used to be in a tin?!

                                                    <3 vintage books

         How cute is this?! It reminds me of the Tin man's oil can in the Wizard of Oz

Hopefully I can put dibbs on these things and inherit them one day :) haha. The rest of the night for me is going to be spent doing my assignment which is due tomorrow. It's about the symbolic annihilation of women in the media. Interesting, yes. Tedious, also yes. 500 words to go............xx

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