Friday, 27 May 2011

Wish list

Busy busy day today. Applied for a flat this morning, fingers crossed we get it! Went and visited two others but I'm afraid I have my heart set on the one we applied for. I'm gonna be super disappointed if we don't get it. Went out for coffee, did some uni work and hit the gym in the arvo then going to a friend's for a movie tonight which should be good!
I have recently felt the urge to go clothes shopping, but I shall do my best to not succumb to this material desire! Need to save up for the up-front payments for the new flat. Didn't realize it was so expensive. Grr, I hate money. But I'm going to share my current clothing wishlist anyway, so I can look and dream...........

Navy Blazer

Combat Boot - Black
Military boots (cept I want ones that are more vintage looking - help?)

Cute dress :)

Looovely lace dress

Trinity Elastic Cuff Pant - Light Chambray
Pants that aren't jeans

Cropped jersey

Cute blouse

Bowler hat

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh if only....but a girl can dream right?!

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