Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Busy is good

And I'm back. Spent Monday to tthis morning in Hastings and found little time for the internet. It's funny because I thought I depended it on it soooooooo much but then I lived perfectly happily without it for three days. Haha. It was lovely to see all my grandparents again and my sister who is heading to Europe soon (jealous much!). I also caught up with my bestie, whose blog you can read here.
Annnnnd this morning I finally sat and passed my full licence test! YAYA! so completely stoked. I'm back in Palmy for a while before I head back to Hastings again to visit more friends (who all converge on Hastings during uni break). Then will be heading up to Hamilton. So I'm gonna be all over the place. Busy, which is always good. 
When I got back to my lovely new flat (!), my flattie had made ginger crunch. What a gem she is :) Love her to bits. 
Today I'm sharing two things that are super cool and I would love to own. Donations are welcome :)

Super cute cards saying: You are DEER to me
                                        RHINO you love me
                                        I always GNU you were the one 
                                        I can't BEAR to be without you
                                        You are POULTRY in motion
                                        My love won't TAPIR off

These cookies would kick butt ;)


  1. LOVE and LOVE!!!

  2. where are those cards from?!

  3. they are from etsy story 'Life with Tigers'


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