Friday, 10 June 2011

Visual deliciousness

Currently nursing a cold that I think (and hope) is nearing the end of its cycle so haven't been as regular on here as I usually am. Handed in my final assignment yesterday (such a great feeling!) so am now completely done with  three of my papers. One exam and I'm done! Woohoo! Moving straight after exams also which is very exciting. Keen to rediscover the freedom that holidays bring :)
Spent last night curled up with my favourite flattie watching Ocean's Eleven. Watching Ocean's Twelve and possibly Thirteen tonight. Such a great trilogy. high school classics teacher's sister has a blog which I used to read daily. She's recently had a baby so isn't really blogging anymore which is a shame. But motherhood calls :)
It's a food blog with some oh-so-yummy images, some of which I will share today.


Salivating much?! Haha
And yes I have a sweet tooth! Check out the blog here
Have a great weekend xx

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