Saturday, 25 June 2011

Weekend wrap

Had quite a fabulous weekend, though was pretty lazy when it came to blogging. Friday night, after work I went to a flat party that was celebrating the 20th bday of two of my friends. It was nuts. When we arrived there was cake all over the kitchen floor, toilet paper all over the living room floor (and ceiling, don't ask me how) and glass pretty much carpeting the concrete outside. Not to mention the almost mosh pit you had to get through to get into the living room. It's quite cool how at things like that you strike up the most random/crazy conversations with people you have never met. I was talking to a twin, Nathan I think his name was, who I'd seen around heaps which was funny. There were sooooooo many people there too. The birthday boy himself said he hardly knew any of the people there. But then, the more the merrier right? So that was a fun night.

Saturday was pretty epic too. Wasn't feeling it for most of the day, was in a bit of a funk. But the night ended up better than I expected. Worked all day at a 90th birthday celebration (bless all them oldies haha) then went to another flat for a catchup with hostel mates from last year. That was fun. Then after that I went to Friday night's flat (had been all cleaned up) to watch Wimbledon with the birthday boy, though I ended up sleeping through it. Apparently Nadal won.

Sooo yea pretty hectic. But fun all the same. Looking forward to a relatively cruisy week then heading back to Hawke's Bay on the weekend. Taking a flattie with me, so first legal road trip! Woooohoooo! Excite.

Found some incredibly funky graffiti art to share today.


So much better than the usual graffiti you see around. All that 'bloods' and 'crips' stuff.


  1. How did toilet paper get on the ceiling?

  2. HarHar.
    Scrunched up into wet balls then chucked at the ceiling. It sticks. Such a primary school thing. Lol :)


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