Wednesday, 1 June 2011

My, how time flies

Thursday already!! EEK! Got 2 assignments due tomorrow and a 30% test. fml. So the blog is taking a back seat ( I can be ur backseat driver..). Found some beautiful pics of my forever favourite actor Johnny Depp the other day so they are today's post. He is such a talented actor, I can't wait to see the newest POTC. Even though I know it won't be a great movie, I can be sure that he will be amazing nonetheless. And he's pretty spunky too :)
My favourite JD movie of all time is Benny & Joon, though other amazing ones include:
Edward Scissorhands 
What's eating Gilbert Grape 
Sweeney Todd 
Finding Neverland 

love him x


  1. Is #6 ("happy") supposed to be like that? Or has my computer screwed it up?

  2. It's supposed to be like that :)

  3. he's got such a mean jawline ae! lol


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