Thursday, 2 June 2011

Well hello weekend, you took your time...!

It is Friday. Finally. Totally finished with two papers as of today so feeling rather happy at the mo. Aaaand I'm using my new phone as of this month so am finding it very fun discovering all the new things this phone can do. wheeeee. It's one of those side slidey ones && it's blue and white && it's touch screen && itsocool.
Thanks parents! Still looking at flats..went and visited 4 today and liked 3 of them. decisions decisions. Hopefully we can decide and settle on one asap so we can move!! Oh oh oh and YAY it's a long weekend this weekend! woohoo. Plans? I'm taking a roadtrip to woodville tomorrow (lol) and maybe having a picnic with friends. Seeing the g'rents on Monday which will be nice.

Totally in the mood for something funny today so am putting up a clip that made me laff :)

Wtf is up with this old man!! Haha crack up.
Have a lovely weekend :)

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