Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Dear future boyfriend

So you don't know me yet, but I've been waiting for you for a loooong time, and I can't wait to meet you! I think about you a lot, and all the fun times we will have together. I know your plane crashed in Africa (but you were completely fine of course) and you're walking home which is why you've taken so long to get to me, but could you please hurry up? I want to skip the waiting and get to the fun, lovely part. When you play your guitar and sing to me. When we have kitchen adventures together, cooking up all sorts of wonderful things and laughing non-stop while we're at it. When we have movie and chocolate nights, curled up all snug by the fire. And we'll toast marshmallows. We'll watch the rugby together and do the haka and dissolve into fits of laughter. We'll always be smiling. You'll always make me smile.

A few other things...

you'll look cute even when you're frustrated

you'll love your music, just like me 

your fashion sense will never cease to amaze me

your eyes will be so easy to get lost in...

you will always be laughing

we'll both have cool hair cuts

I won't mind if you look like this...

So yeah, can't wait to meet you. Please show your face soon :)


  1. Haha cute! The guy with the fashion sense.. I want him!

  2. OMG. BEST post EVERRRR ;) Looove it (He will come soon and if he's this good, and has my approval u shud marry him) hehe Xx

  3. I quite like it :) ok then!! hehe xx


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