Monday, 1 August 2011

Girl crush

Herro. Uni was pretty cool today, as it was short and relatively painfree. I'm healing up which is a relief and Ooooooooooh ooooh the flatties, some classmates and I are heading to Harry Potter 7.2 tonight! Uber excited! For one of my friends who is coming with us, it'll be her 3rd time seeing it. Yep, she's a HP nut.

But anyways....Zooey Deschanel is my girl crush. She is beautiful, talented and stylish. I love her effortless vintage syle and ever-present cuteness. Oh, and she's in a band too! How cool. I also love how she stays out of the limelight and how I've never heard any gossip about her.
Bet she's awesome to go antiquing/op-shopping with :)
I would love to be this girl.



Ain't she gorgeous? She has that innocent feminine beauty about her. Oooh and I really like how her name is spelt - Zooey rather than the usual Zoe :) lol


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  2. I dont want you to be her or wish that you were her, I want you to be YOU! :D xx

  3. I knooooooow but she's pretty cool :)


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