Monday, 15 August 2011


So, today it snowed. This is very odd for where I live because it pretty much never snows. It was weirdly sunny with blue skies all day then round 3pm it clouded over and the sky opened up (over me and you...) and down came snow! And not even a small amount, I'm talking lots. It was so exciting. The flatties and I took a trip up the saddle road to get amongst it and wow. what a view. It was spectacular. Whiteness literally covered all the mountains etc. Then as we headed back to the city, it started snowing so that when we got home, my car and our front and back yards were completely white. Oh so cool.
I have some pics of the winter wonderland.....

It didn't look like much as we headed up the saddle road...

But once we got there there was no green in sight!

Jaclyn enjoying it :)

Both of us enjoying it...

Our backyard went from this... this!!

front yard

notice how covered my car is!

It was awesome :) Hopefully tomorrow everything will be covered!
Oh also, I am Giant on Friday night were pretty awesome! The Royal was super hot and sweaty though, so much so that the walls and ceiling were dripping with condensation! ew. I came away with the sweat of like 50 diff people on me. yukyukyuk. And some guys made a mosh pit right in front of the stage (where we had been standing) so we had to move coz we were getting pushed, stepped on, sweated on and fallen on. Buuuut other than that.....the band was really good! I would definitely recommend seeing them live. And Shelton Woolright, the semi-famous drummer, was small! haha and so skinny! Weird.

Also, this post counts as Much love Monday because I loved the snow :)


  1. Love the brooke fraser lyric chucked in there. ;) and that pic of jac is awesome and cute!!! i want it lol (: looks like so much fun! xx

  2. Woohoo! Wild! And fun. And cold.

  3. Glad u got the lyric :)
    wild + fun + cold = absolutely correct haha


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