Thursday, 25 August 2011

How Harry Potter Should Have Ended

So uni finished today, well classes for 2weeks anyho. That's pretty awesome! I won't be able to feel free, however, until after I have handed in my TV studies assignment on Monday (cruel right, making it due the first day of the break, thereby making us come into uni...I'm sure some lecturers are evil..). So there's my weekend gone! However, because we had a mid-semester test today, I handed in an assignment yesterday, NZNTM is on tonight and coz, well, it's Friday, I am going to take it easy tonight. Yay.
The other day I came across this absolutely awesome clip on Youtube by these people who make cartoon vids of how blockbusters should have ended. I cannot even begin to describe how cool it is so, watch it!

J&J, I think you will particularly appreciate this :)

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