Thursday, 4 August 2011

Good 'ol kiwi humour

The uni week has come to an end, yay! This weekend will be spent doing assignments no doubt, though on Saturday night the All Blacks are playing Australia so I'll defs be watching that. Because the world cup is here soon, the All Blacks have been doing lots of advertising to hype up the country. So I was searching on YouTube and found this 'Room Raiders' clip, done by Piri Weepu and showcasing one of my favourites, Cory Jane (both of whom I met earlier this year).
It's hilarious. I absolutely love the kiwi humour in it and how totally normal and crack up they are.

Make sure you watch the whole thing :)


  1. Lol-lols! LOL

  2. "You like the fizz"
    "and the choke-late"


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