Monday, 8 August 2011

Much love Monday :)

After reading this blog and this blog, I've decided to follow suit and do a regular 'Much love Monday' section which will showcase things that I currently love. This may involve images, people, songs, lists...just whatever I love on that particular Monday.
Today was a great day, for some reason I was super cheery all day and you know what? It's fun! Despite the weather being cold and despite the showers being out of order at the gym and having to drive home all sweaty and yuk and despite the fact that I am being inundated with uni work, I was super happy! Like not my usual happy, mega happy. I wonder why.
Anyho....the things that I am loving on this particular Monday (8/8/2011) are...
  • Watching Friends in the warm, comfy lounge with two awesome flatties (ily x)
  • My Onesie
  • Winter comfort food....soup with crusty rolls and roasts
  • My eccentric, not afraid to be 'geeky' uni friends
  • The fact that people I know but don't really know say hi to me at uni
  • The haircut of the guy in my WWII paper. It's awesome, shaved one one side then sorta long with a sweet  fringe on the other side (think skrillex but short). It totes suits him and his style.
  • The postcard I got from my sister today :)
  • That the awesome All Black's totally annihilated the Wallabies. We rock.
And some pictures I love....

Beautiful. I love.

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